A Little Bit About Me and why I Became a Reiki Practitioner and Hot Stone Energy Therapist


I was first introduced to Reiki about 8 years ago.  It was a rather bazaar situation that I still laugh about. 

I was working at a pet supply store in Arnprior when one of my customers whom I had not met before started to chat in great lengths about how she wanted to home school her then teenaged daughter.  I knew a number of families who had home schooled their children and I informed her that I would gladly gather any information I could to help her to achieve her goal.  What I did not know was that the universe had sent her to me to help me on my journey to a new and wonderful healing modality.

This lady was my life saver, among other very special people who have touched my life.  She told me on the phone that she wasn't sure why she had spoken to me about home schooling except that for some reason she felt she needed to initiate the conversation so that we might have the opportunity of speaking privately at some point.  She advised me that she was a healer and that she worked out of her home.  I then snuck out of my home weekly to see her and began my secret journey from darkness and despair into a world of hope and a means to obtain the help I had so diligently prayed for each night.   At the time, I did not understand exactly what this lady was doing but it didn't matter.  All I new was that I was beginning to get stronger emotionally and started to love myself again.  She helped me so, so much.  I finally escaped the prison that I thought I was trapped in forever.  I did a great deal of healing through counselling and with the love of two very dear friends who were there for me and my precious daughter when we needed it most. 

When I became strong enough, I began my quest for answers to what I had experienced:  it was Reiki.  I vowed then that I would learn all I needed to  so that I could one day return the gift I had received - my life back.

I know exactly what it is like to feel pain and suffering and I hope that I can help as many people as possible overcome the challenges we all face at one time or another in our daily lives.

Today I am proud to say I am a Reiki Master, Practitioner and Hot Stone Energy Therapist.  I hope to help as many people as possible.  I will be forever learning and growing and am so grateful to all my mentors and teachers along the way.  I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.