My friend was VERY impressed with you. Said you have an amazing gift, great wisdom and that she left your house still floating in paradise. Thank you so much. 


Sometimes you just can’t see everything, no matter how open you think your eyes are.

If you’re anything like me, you may sometimes think that being strong about the problems in your life, means to lock them up inside – without showing pain to anyone. Over time, I have come to learn that real strength comes from being able to bring those tough things to the surface and to face them.

I have always been aware that there are many issues from my past that have troubled me and caused me emotional, as well as physical ailments. However, sometimes there are ones that slip past the forefront of my mind. The very first time I met with Pauline, there wasn’t much I had to say for her to understand I was struggling with emotional past problems. She listened and extended her comfort and her own trials. This took much courage on her part, to trust me, a stranger with her feelings. Even in just listening to Pauline and the things she had to tell me, I quickly unlocked a part of something that I had been shoving deep down in myself without even realizing it. It was a true “ah-ha!” moment. It wasn’t until this meeting that I had discovered something about myself that would be very helpful in knowing, especially if I wanted to begin a path of self-healing.

I am not only grateful for having met Pauline, but also for her kindness, her patience and her genuine want to help people.

That positive experience was only the first of my session with Pauline. Allowing myself to be open to the problems in my life, and allowing them to be exposed, aided in letting go and immediately in feeling better. Although I knew this experience would be helpful, I couldn’t possibly foresee just how beneficial it would be to me, for even as soon as that night.

Coleen Stewart


Thanks again for all the time and energy you game me last Friday.  You have a natural touch, a honed insight and special perceptivity that makes you perfect for the work you've chosen.  After the massage, during which I felt entirely safe, surrounded by peace and pampered, I was very settled all day, even during a minor upheaval moment which would normally have tipped me off balance.  I look forward to more time with you as you launch into practice.  



I want to thank you from the depths of my heart!  When I set off to see you for the first time, I was hoping to receive some relief for my sore back.  But I ended up receiving so much more than that!  You helped me to connect with feelings that I have been struggling with.  You lifted my spirit with your openness and kindness and you helped me to realize some insights and gain better understanding.  I am so thankful to you for such an amazing massage and experience.  May God bless you abundantly.  Tashi